The Legend of Maian (마이언 전기 -초마여신 전설-) manhwa is based on the Legend of Maian novel series. These in turn are sequels to the Pit Aelia (피트 에리아) novels and manhwa.

Within the scanlation community, that which this wiki refers to as "parts" of the manhwa are referred to as "parts", "chapters", "arcs". The original source manhwa calls these "chapters". That which this wiki and most English websites refer to as "chapters" are called "parts" in the source manhwa. Bear this in mind when reading this list and the associated parts articles.

Legend of Maian manwha volumesEdit

Part Title Volumes Chapters Publication date
MaianLegend k set1a title

Manhwa part 001
Advent of the Sorceress 1-10 1-57
MaianLegend k set2a title

Manhwa part 002
Advent of the War God 11- 58-

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